One Earth System News Update


Hi – My name is Dan Vantari, creator of the One Earth System.
We are now looking for volunteers to be the first members of the One Earth System.
You will get my personal attention in setting up your site, a really great deal, and a headstart on earning income from the system.

You must have a Positive Project you are Passionate about promoting.
This can be your own functional project, your own vision of a project,
or any other project you want to support.

You must also be willing to put in a little time customizing
and learning how to fly your new SuperCool Website!

While this notice is here you will get 2 hours of my time to help you customize and set up your website! For your $100 membership fee you will get something that would cost you many times this amount anywhere else. And if your financial circumstances are dire then I will even wave the membership fee so long as you have a good project to promote!

If you are interested please use the Contact page to send me a message
introducing yourself and saying a little about your project. 

Check this out

3 Good Reasons to Join the One Earth System


Promote Positive Projects

Our main focus is on doing something good for the planet and its people. We do this by asking our members to commit to using some of the money they earn through the system to finance positive projects. You can check out what others are doing and also encourage others by sharing what you are doing, whether it is your own project, a friend's project, or a major charity or organization ... anything that you believe is good for the planet and all its creatures.
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Super Cool Websites

We give our members cutting edge plugins and themes that allow you to easily create almost any type of website you imagine. We make it easy to integrate whatever else you are doing online whether you have a website already, or you spend time on Facebook, or watching videos... a One Earth System site is a better way to do it! Your site is installed on your own hosting and totally belongs to you... Checkout our choice of site templates here
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Incredible Income Potential

Do you need to earn a living? The One Earth System pays 6 levels of commissions. We aim to make it so affordable and such good value that almost everyone who checks it out will choose to join. For those who need it - we even offer to let you pay off your membership out of your earnings in the system - For anyone who wants to promote good things, or wants a great job... the One Earth System is an incredible opportunity ! Check out our Income Calculator here
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Demo Websites

Check out our collection of very cool website themes

  • YourFBSite
  • Videopress
  • Pinpress
  • Interiora – Artisteer
  • IT Solutions – Artisteer
  • Art School – Artisteer
  • Constructor – Artisteer
  • SEO Matters – Artisteer
  • Cake House – Artisteer
  • Diet Systems – Artisteer
  • Coffee House – Artisteer
  • IBroker – Artisteer

WordPress Solutions


When you decide to make a website the first step should be to define what its purpose is. Then you should decide what functionality it needs to have to fulfill this purpose. Our specialized themes and state-of-the-art plugins can make it jump through almost any hoop you design for it.

Think of your new OneEarthSystem website as a starting point for you to customize in any way you want. Many people make the mistake of thinking first of the ‘look’ of the site, the images and the colors of the fonts and backgrounds, but these are actually the easiest elements of a website to change to your requirements! That’s a bit like choosing a house based on the paintings hanging on the walls and the color of the walls, and ignoring the actual style of the house and its features such as swimming pools and fireplaces.

It is important is to pick a starting point that works well for the core functionality you need, and also has the sort of layout you require, as these things are more difficult to change (but not impossible). Your website will not really be your website until you add the content and functionality to make it do what you want it to do.

The one thing we cannot do is decide for you what the purpose of your website should be! However, it is worth looking at some of the major possibilities…

Wordpress has two important components called Themes and Plugins. Generally a site can only have one theme active as this decides the layout, the colours, and some of the core functionality of the site. Plugins are easilly installed addons that extend the functionality of your site in almost any way you can imagine. We are very proud of our range of OES Themes and Plugins!

Lets start with the Themes. There is a huge commercial theme industry that will try offer you a range of millions of themes to choose from. We have collected and offer our members a wide range of WordPress themes. Some of these focus on the look of your site, but many of them offer radically different core functionality that needs to be built into the theme rather than being supplied as an afterthought by a plugin.

Here is a list of some of our WordPress Themes and why we think they are so cool ~

VideoPress – a Youtube lookalike that is optimized for creating a video library
Actionpress – effortlessly creates gorgeous sales pages & email capture pages
Authorpress – creates a superbly organized multi-author blog for allowing contributors to your site to be properly showcased
Pinpress – creates an image site with built in social networking links, similar to the hugely successful social network Pinterest
Facepress – links in to your Facebook account

Okay now lets talk about our OES WordPress Plugin Collection ~

All our plugins can be installed on your site for free. Some of them are very powerful and add as much functionality as a theme does. Some of them are simple little addons that make some aspect of your site work or look better.
For instance MemberRocket and Video Rocket combine to make a very user friendly membership site for selling content, downloadable or streaming video, digital products and more.
Not all of  of the plugins will work together, and not all of them will work with all themes – but if it can be done by a plugin then they will often blow your sox off with how easy they make complex things!

If you look under ‘Supercool Plugins’ on the top navigation menu you will find we have over 100 state-of-the-art plugins sorted into categories – or click here to browse the whole collection in a new tab

So once you have chosen your OES theme and the plugins you like, how do you get help with changing everything to be just as you want it? Easy!

Its worth learning just the basic WordPress functionality like creating posts and pages. This and anything else you would like to learn is easily found by Googling ‘Wordpress tutorials’ plus a description of the problem.

But for more complex things, or if you really dont want to do it yourself… then what we recommend is to very cheaply hire people top do it for you.
One website you should know about is At Fiverr you can shop around for people who will fix any WordPress problem for $5, or even skilled programmers and designers who work for $5 an hour.
We also have our own recommended OES outsourcers who are available for $10 an hour.

You will find more info about both these options in your O.E.S. members area.  What’s most important for now is to know that you can easily learn to manage your site yourself if you want to… and that it is very affordable to hire someone to change anything for you if you prefer to do it that way!