Multi-Level Affiliate Systems

Joining an online affiliate program means that you can send customers to a website and be paid a commission of sales that are generated.

The One Earth System is a multi-level system that extends this so that you can earn on 5 levels (6 if you qualify as a top affiliate).

To qualify as an affiliate of the OneEarthSystem the first requirement is that you get your own OneEarthSystem website, which will come with built in tools for promoting the OneEarthSystem. You can of course easily remove them if you want to as it is entirely your website, but if you leave these pages in place you will most likely earn income from them!

Why Our System Rocks !

We avoid all the worst of multilevel systems and develop the best !

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  We promote positive projects, and we believe that at a time like this it is not just important but ESSENTIAL to contribute to good things and not just to make money for its own sake!

INSTANT VALUE SYSTEM: We give great value for the modest membership fee in the form of a cutting edge website with amazing built in functionality. In particular our Videopress and Pinpress and SocialAutomation sites are cutting edge tools for projects, products, services, or ideas you want to promote! Use it as your main website, or as a plugin module to what you are already doing online. Its yours, no advertizing or strings attached !

CHEAP TO GET INTO: Our membership fee is only a one off $100. And if that is a stumbling block for you… we offer scholarships for any good purpose.

EASY TO MAKE MONEY: In a $100 system you can earn a lot faster than a $10 a month system. The likelihood of achieving significant earnings is also much higher.

How to use the Income Calculator below

On the top right estimate on average how many people you can share the OneEarthSystem opportunity with successfully each month. (This can be a whole number or a decimal as its an average).

Then continue down the 5 spaces to estimate how many people on average they will share it with each month.

Then click the $100 system button.  It will calculate for you the earnings based on 10% commission 5 levels deep.

Of course you may do better or worse than this in any month, but it gives you some idea of the potential earnings in this system.

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Technical Details of the ‘Compensation Plan”

We use a modified Unilevel affiliate system. In order to qualify for payment each month you must generate at least one website sale on your first level. Sales on your first level pay $20 and sales on levels 2 to 6 pay $10. As well as paying you $20 this one sale will qualify you to receive $10 for every sale on your second and third level. If you make two website sales in a month you qualify for payments from your 4th level. Make three sales to qualify for the 5th level, and 4 sales to qualify for the 6th level. (diagram coming soon).
If you need to qualify for a month by making a sale and you have not done so… then we encourage our affiliates to gift websites to people who have positive projects to promote. In this way you will be investing in future earnings as well as in the future of the planet!