– VideoPress is a very unusual WordPress Theme designed to mimic Youtube whilst using Youtube to do the actual video hosting.

Our template comes with a plugin installed called Covert Video Content that can all into your categories large amounts of videos using the keywords you provide. You can then weed out anything not appropriate. This is a very easy way to get a site full of content relevant to your niche subjects.

As with all our sites – you can choose to allow membership – but with Videopress you have an instant viral niche tool that can be used to create an enthusiastic community sharing videos on the subjects you provide.

They promote it in the video below as a marketing tool, but we feel it works even better for anyone simply wanting their own niche site full of relevant videos!

Check out the our live demo of what you get and the original sales page for Videopress which of course you do not have to purchase as its included with your OES membership :-)    You can also see what we did with it for our own purposes here www.videos.sacredgeometryweb.com