Since on of the rules of the OneEarthSystem is that we each support positive projects -
the question arises: What is a Positive Project’?

What is a positive project?  Short answer – whatever you believe in.
Basically if you are prepared to publicly support something that you don’t directly benefit from yourself, something you stand behind as being good for the planet, its creatures, and its people -  then that’s great! Let’s make it happen.
It could be support for a local business, an international charity, a third world entrepreneur…
Imagine if every one of us financially supported at least one cause we believe is doing something positive for the planet…

How do we enforce members contributing ?  Short answer – we don’t… we just encourage you to do the right thing.
Besides, if you are promoting something really inspirational, then people will see what you are doing and be more likely to join in your team, and this way you will earn even more from the system!
If you like you can think of it as a great advertizing tool for yourself and for the system as people will be much more open to joining us when they see that we care about the planet.  Personally, I really do care about the planet, and I hope you do too. Together we can make a difference.