Social Sites Integration

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and now Pinterest… and content curation sites like Youtube and Flickr… have become a huge factor in online life. The One Earth System websites offer a range of  functionality to assist you in using these sites rather than being used by them.

We do this in a few different ways.

1) We offer themes that mimic these sites and bring in content from them. See in particular our VideoPress template and our Pinpress template, that make it easier than you might imagine to take control of your own videos and images and utilise Youtube and Pinpress in a much more powerful way.

2) We offer ways to integrate your content on these sites, in particular Facebook,  into your own One Earth System website.  For instance check out our SocialAutomation template that brings in your FB wall posts retrospectively and turns them into posts in your own blog. Why lose all your valuable content when FB cancels your account for unknown reasons? Why not have your own record of everything where you can choose what ads if any to display to your visitors?

3) We offer ways to integrate content from your OES website into these sites automatically. We offer premium plugins that make it as easy as possible to create your FB pages within your own site, or post updates to FB every time you add content to your site.