One Earth System ~ Website Features

Wordpress is a great tool for creating and managing websites, but out of the box there are many things it cannot do. Extra functionality is provided by ‘plugins’, and there are a huge number of great free plugins availalbe. However – when you get a One Earth System website you get access to our incredible range of cutting edge plugins that can make it jump through hoops with whistles and bells tied to it.

For instance – did you notice that ‘News Flash’ scrolling across the bottom of the screen? The one that pops up after about 20 seconds? Yep that’s just one of our many cool features that cover everything from promoting to managing to sparkling up your site… and more!  (BTW you can make as many different scroll bars as you like and assign a different one to each category, page, or post!)

We have so many plugins to offer you that we need to divide them into categories to make some sort of sense out of them ;-)


SocialIntegration – Layout&Design – Popups/Flyouts/NewsTicker – SEO – Video&Graphics – Sales – MembershipSites – AutoBackup – ContentCuration – etc etc

More info coming here soon